Love Notes

MatthewWhen school started for the fall, Matthew announced that he had signed himself up for band. We had no discussion of this, but I did know of his intense love for music. He is obsessed with the piano and even creates his own songs. When I told him the piano was not a band instrument, he said he knew that and he wanted to play the saxophone. Well, I scrambled to rent a saxophone and here we are a month into lessons and Matthew is playing me love notes nightly when I get home from work.

Admittedly, this has been a very stressful time for so many of us. We all have different forms of coping. For Matthew, it is music. For me, it has been sewing and sending notes of love to friends, family, and patients. I can’t do this with music but I took up old fashioned handwritten notes. I try to send three to five per day as a way of focusing on the positive people in my life. The added bonus to this is when someone gets a love note, they usually text or email me to say how it made their day. It feels good to do something special for others! My hope is that each of you, like Matthew and myself, are able to find something to bring you joy during these times.

I am extremely grateful for the support from all of you as I continue my mask making for charity. We have reached $2000 for Open Table Ministries bringing the total raised for charity yo $29,200 since April!! The next $2000 raised will go to Families Moving Forward of Durham.