Let’s Be Serious About Wearing Our Masks

Dogs in Masks

Cloth face coverings have been mandated in all public places, but very little guidance for their proper use has been provided. This would be like us giving you dental floss and then not telling you how to use it. Likely some would figure out the proper technique and some would just flat refuse to do it, just like mask-wearing.

Here are some instructions and thoughts about wearing your face mask:

  1.  WASH YOUR HANDS before putting on your mask. The handwashing recommendation CANNOT be given enough attention. Our faces have three avenues for this virus to enter, our eyes, nose, and mouth. You cannot get the virus from touching anything (why there is NO need to wear gloves in public). But it is believed that dirty hands that touch your eyes, nose, or mouth could give a viral entry point.
  2. COVER YOUR NOSE with your mask!! Like the cute dogs in the photo, wearing the mask any other way does not offer the protection cloth masks are suggested to provide. The mask collects airway droplets from the wearer, especially after a sneeze or a cough, hopefully reducing the number of viral particles that enter the air. Keep in mind, the easier you can breathe through your mask, the less protection you are providing to yourself and those around you. Look for a mask with multiple fabric layers and a pocket for a filter.
  3. DO NOT TOUCH your mask with your unclean hands. Remember, your eyes, nose and mouth are what we are trying to protect. If you fiddle with your mask with unwashed hands, you are potentially putting yourself at risk.
  4. BE STYLISH!! Goodness, if we have to wear these things and it looks like we will for quite some time, let’s have some fun!! Stitches by Mrs. Funk masks are now available in our office or from Etsy. See below, $23,200 donated to charity!! Mask wearing won’t be ending anytime soon, I plan to be sewing and giving to deserving charities, as long as there is need. Thank you for all of your support!

Donations to date:

  • $5500 SECU Family House
  • $5000 Ronald McDonald House
  • $1000 Me Fine
  • $2000 Super Copper’s Red Wagon
  • $1000 OCRA Meals on Wheels
  • $1200 Children’s Home Society
  • $1000 MiracleFeet.org
  • $1500 Swim For Charlie
  • $1000 Dina’s Dynasty
  • $2000 BestFriends.org
  • $2000 Wallace Beeson Foundation

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