We are Celebrating Twenty Years Together

JessicaNext month, we will be celebrating twenty years since I bought the practice from Dr. Mazza (my amazing and supportive predecessor). He was patient and kind when dealing with a young dentist just out of dental school, learning her way. He was present and willing to continue to work a few more years as I got up to speed to care for his patients and he transitioned to retirement. Continue reading “We are Celebrating Twenty Years Together”

Don’t Hate Me

Duke Mask

I was asked last week if I had Duke fabric to make masks. I have been unable to procure any Blue Devil-themed cloth throughout my time of mask making. Thinking creatively, I figured I could come up with something embroidered that might even be better. I hope my patient will LOVE her mask.

As a UNC fan, we are taught to hate Duke but I just cannot bring myself to do this. Especially if Duke fans are willing to help me with my cause to raise money for charity!! Don’t worry, Tar Heel fans, each Duke mask is made with lots of Carolina love 🙂 Continue reading “Don’t Hate Me”

One, two, or three….


masks?? What is the perfect combination? It’s interesting that this is coming up now when we’ve been wearing masks for almost a year. When I took on the task of sewing masks, I researched what the CDC was recommending back in March 2020 From their website, they were suggesting three layers of quilting cotton and that is how I have been making our fun, FUNKY and fashionable designs. In fact, most homemade masks are made with at least two layers. An added benefit of most of my masks is that they have a filter pocket that can be used for another layer of protection. This quite simply can be a piece of silk or a coffee filter. Continue reading “One, two, or three….”

Mental Health

Mental HealthThe title of this blog post looks like it could be a typo…. it could have read Dental Health. Perhaps someday I will use this format to tell you more about teeth. Until then….

This undoubtedly has been one of the most challenging years we have faced as a nation. I feel fortunate that my staff and I have been able to care for each of you in a safe and healthy environment for the last ten months. The smiles I am afforded to see and the laughter I hear as I move about our dental office brings me much joy. I am able to experience and feel some level of normalcy and love. Continue reading “Mental Health”

Sadly, one of us….

….could benefit from the money Stitches by Mrs. Funk is raising through mask sales. Stacy McCauley’s (one of our new hygienists) sister-in-law found out in late July that she has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. To help offset some of her extensive hospital bills, Stacy has started Sylvia’s Squad as a way to both emotionally and financially support Sylvia through her battle with cancer. Continue reading “Sadly, one of us….”


Funk Family…much JOY & CHEER to our beloved family of patients. My staff and I are grateful to have had the opportunity to see and care for each of you. We wish you a blessed Thanksgiving however you may be celebrating this year. While we are out of the office, you can always reach me by email or phone. If my sewing machine is too loud and I do not hear you, leave a message 🙂 The office will be closed Wednesday through Friday of Thanksgiving week. Continue reading “Spreading…”

Thank You

Thank You

….exercising our ability to help a local charity. One of the charities our masks sales benefitted was Open Table Ministries of Durham. In an effort to offer additional support, my amazing staff was willing to participate in a virtual 5k at the end of our workday. We enjoyed a beautiful run/walk on this lovely afternoon. Madilyn ‘coached’ us and Shirley tried to make friends with every dog along the way.

Mask sales are still going strong! We are getting close to $40k raised for charity since April. I have suspended my Etsy site so I can focus on selling masks at our office. Please consider stopping by, getting yourself a fun, FUNKY and fashionable face covering. Pick up several….give them as gifts and help charity!

We just donated $2000 to Orange Literacy Council. Our next $2000 goes to Lineberger Cancer Center.

As always, thank you for your continued trust in us to provide for your dental needs. We love our patients and are grateful to be here to care for you!



How I Vote

Sibling LoveI vote:

1. That we be kind to one another. Take the time to listen to someone with a different view. Find your common ground and appreciate your differences.

2. That we take time to find joy in our lives. This has been such a challenging year. Take the time to find your blessings! These two children (circa 2013) are one of my greatest blessings and this smile on Matthew melts all my worries and fears. Continue reading “How I Vote”