An Amazing Influence In My Life

My Mother as a ChildIt may be hard to believe the sweet child in this photograph could be a strong and amazing influence in my life. This adorable little girl is my mother and this month, we celebrate her 70th birthday. My mom had three daughters and I am sure we made her life easy, breezy as she brought us through our teenage years…or maybe not so much.

Regardless of the trials and tribulations we likely caused her, my mother was a steadfast influence for my two sisters and me. When I have doubt in who I am or what I stand for, I return to the life lessons she taught me.

Most importantly, she taught me I could be whatever I wanted to be! She pushed me to reach for the stars. When I failed, I was to take personal responsibility…and never blame others. Learn from my mistakes. Always try to be better and leave things better than you found them.

When I had success, don’t gloat, be humble and thank those that assisted along the way. Always try to help others! Especially help in a way that allows someone to help themselves. Be someone who propels others forward. Don’t put others in a position of dependence (an important lesson now that I am a mother, so easy to try to do everything for our children).

Happy birthday, Mom! Thanks for being there for me every step of the way. Your inspiration guides me as a mother, as a dentist, as an employer, and as a wife.

Happy New Year! May you find the time this year to be inspired by those that have influenced you. I look forward to seeing each of you in the coming days of 2021.

With Gratitude,

PS–still making masks and still donating to charity 🙂 Come by and see the fun selection we have available at the office.