One, two, or three….


masks?? What is the perfect combination? It’s interesting that this is coming up now when we’ve been wearing masks for almost a year. When I took on the task of sewing masks, I researched what the CDC was recommending back in March 2020 From their website, they were suggesting three layers of quilting cotton and that is how I have been making our fun, FUNKY and fashionable designs. In fact, most homemade masks are made with at least two layers. An added benefit of most of my masks is that they have a filter pocket that can be used for another layer of protection. This quite simply can be a piece of silk or a coffee filter.

I believe what may have happened is that Target, Walmart and all other big box stores started getting their shipments of cheap masks imported from China. These are made with only one layer of fabric. When I first started seeing these, I was concerned about the lack of protection they provide. But they were being sold cheaply and it sure is A LOT easier to breathe through one layer than three! The added layers not only protect you from others but offer you more protection when social distancing is not optional.

The most common form of litter I see now is the cheap blue Level 1 surgical masks. Grocery store parking lots, running trails, and alongside the roads. Our earth has enough trash, please wear a washable mask when you are able. It cuts down on waste and it is so much more stylish!

Still sewing, still donating!

Much love,


PS Matthew turned 10 last week! His smile can brighten even the darkest of days!!