Mask Etiquette

Dr. Bishop and husband in maskNow that the CDC has recommended we wear cloth masks in public, I have been sewing masks around the clock for patients, friends, and family. Many of you asked for the pattern I was using. Here is the link from Pinterest.

What I like about this pattern compared to most homemade masks, are the layers of fabric and the structure provided in the sewn ‘frame’ of the mask. There is also a hidden pocket in this design that allows you to use a removable/replaceable filter. A flexible piece of metal is sewn into the nose area for proper fit across the bridge of the nose. These masks can be worn during this current crisis or anytime you are concerned about air quality.

With so many people wearing face masks, I am observing some improper use of them. Here are the steps to using a mask properly:

  1. Wash your hands before you put your mask on. You do this because your hands contain germs and placing your mask gets your hands near your eyes, nose and mouth.
  2. When fitting the mask, make sure the metal is fitted comfortably over the bridge of your nose. This helps prevent ‘leaks’ and if you wear glasses helps to keep them from fogging. Wearing your mask below your nose so you can breathe more easily, is NOT AN EFFECTIVE use of a mask.
  3. When out in public with a mask on, DON’T TOUCH your mask. Your mask becomes part of your face.
  4. When you have returned home, wash your hands before removing your mask and place it in the laundry. Wash your hands again before touching anything in your home.

We are here to help!! If you have a dental emergency, please email (, call or text me (919-414-0682). If you have questions about protective equipment and the proper use of it, please reach out. Universal precautions have always been our practice and we take special care to keep you safe!